Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today, a notice was sent home regarding our upcoming field trip to Centennial Beach on Monday, June 20th.  While most have you have already returned the money for this field trip with a notice that was sent home earlier this week, we need the permission to take your child.  If you could send that permission back to school by tomorrow, Friday, June 17th, that would be excellent.  Here are some key details to know about the field trip:
  • Be prepared for the weather, we are going rain or shine!
  • Wear sunscreen, even if its cloudy
  • Bring a bagged lunch and a large water bottle
  • You may choose to bring sandals for the beach, but please bring runners as well (we may do field games together)
  • Leave your money at home - the concession is expensive with lengthy lines
  • Leave electronics at home 

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